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Why is Dubai Silicon Oasis Considered as One of the Best Free Zones in Dubai?

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Businessmen who are entering the country will find a lot of advantages in conducting a business setup in UAE. They usually discover that there are a lot of investors who are doing the business setup in Dubai free zones.

There are locations that are perfect for various business activities because Dubai has industry-specific free zones that generally meet the requirements of those companies.

One of the best free zones in Dubai is Dubai Silicon Oasis. Here, we will talk about just why this is so and what drives investors to have business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

A Bit of Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)’s Background

The government owns Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) fully. It has been made by them so that the idea of expanding the country’s vision in business is supported. It has 7.2 million square meters that they can use to provide a good location for firms. The free zone is also complete with all the basic needs of any company in their area.

Aside from that, there is a list of benefits greets businessmen who choose to establish their businesses in DSO.

Why Choose to Have a Business Setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Just like any other free zones in Dubai, there are advantages in choosing DSO to form your company in. It gives your business an edge with the free zone’s support and its benefits as well. Below is just some of the advantages that you will gain in conducting business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

  1. Primary Benefits

A benefit that most investors find the most attractive in free zones is that they get 100% ownership of their business. This is because if they decide to form their company in the mainland, they will have to deal with acquiring a local sponsor who will have 51% stake in the business. There are also other core benefits like 100% repatriation of capital, swift business set up and licensing, employee visa processing, streamline customs clearance, etc.

  1. Location

The trade crossroads of the Asia and Europe meet right where DSO is located. This makes it a really good place to place your company in especially when you are specializing in trade.

DSO is also near the Dubai Airport and a number of other business areas. On top of that, a residential accommodation is also available in DSO for businessmen to avail.

To read more about in setting up a business in Dubai freezone, see this!

  1. Quality

Even though it has been around for more than a decade now, it still remains to be a leading center for advanced technology. It is right there in the list of world’s known free zones.

Since it is made and focused on technology, it better helps companies that are catering to that kind of industry.

  1. Zero Personal Income Tax/Zero Corporate Tax

Although VAT has been implemented throughout the country, it is still worth seeing as a positive thing that income and corporate taxes are still not something we should all worry about. And these benefits come with forming a company in DSO.

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