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Your Water Meter Questions Answered

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Do you know how to read your own water meter? Most homeowners wait until a member of staff from their energy bill company comes around to read the meter for them. However it could be a really good idea to understand the meter yourself. Not only will you understand your bill a little clearer, but you’ll also know whether or not your energy company is ripping you off.

First things first – where can you find your meter?

One of the main things that homeowners have trouble with is actually finding their water meter. Every home is different and the meter isn’t always in the same place. It will depend entirely upon how old your home is and the style of it too. Typically the meter is installed underneath the kitchen sink or somewhere in the bathroom.

On newer properties the meter is often installed on the outside of the home. Look out for a small black or grey coloured lid with a ‘W’ written on it. New build homes often have their water meters grouped together in a communal area.

In order to read your meter you’ll need to take off the cap. All the cap is there for is to protect the meter from frost damage. It’s also a good idea to check your meter regularly for signs of a leak. If your water bill suddenly seems to be extortionately high then there’s a chance you could have a leak that needs fixing.

How to read your meter

When you open up the meter you’ll see black and red digits. You don’t need to pay attention to the red digits, just write down the black ones. Then ring the water company up to give them your reading. It really is that simple.

Why should I read my own meter?

If you don’t read your own meter and you miss the engineer that comes out to read it for you, you will be sent an estimated bill. This means that you could be paying far more than you need to be.

It’s recommended that you call out your plumbing engineering firm every 6-12 months to have the meter checked over. That way you’ll know whether or not it is working properly and whether it needs to be serviced. Making sure you can read your own meter will help you to avoid incorrect readings and that you only pay what you actually owe.

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