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4 Legal Terms Everyone Should Know

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Have you noticed that lawsuits have a language of their own? If it all sounds Greek to you, you might find yourself in a problem when you have to deal with the “legal side” of your life. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are the four legal terms that everyone should know.


The term “Default” has nothing to do to with anything you’ve experienced so far. The “Default” is used to name a process of the court barring a party from advancing claims or defenses. This usually happens because the party in question failed to abide by the rules of law or the court. You should also know that “Default” doesn’t necessarily mean that the process is over. A judge can lift it once the party complies with the requirements.

Bail Bonds

To understand what a bail bond is, you should start looking at it as if it were a surety bond. Let us address the bail first. Bail is an amount of money that serves as insurance between the person in jail and the court. There are two types of bail bonds.

It guarantees that a defendant will appear for the trial. And then we have a civil bail bond. This one is used in civil cases and it guarantees that the defendant will pay the debt along with other associated costs, such as interests, taxes, and so on. Consider learning more about bail bonds Fort Lauderdale.


Have you ever heard about a court case being on the docket? It’s just a fancy expression the courts use to refer to the way of keeping track of a case. As you might have guessed, a docket can be singular or plural. Singular docket refers to keeping track of a particular case, while the plural refers to the court’s entire group of cases.

Plaintiff’s Attorney vs Lawyer

The plaintiff’s attorney is a lawyer, but a very specific type of lawyer. They specialize in representing individuals who have been harmed either financially or physically through no fault of their own. They represent their clients in the court of law and take on organizations, corporations, businesses, and so on.

That’s about it. These are the most frequent legal terms that a person can hear in a lifetime. Hopefully, you now understand what they mean. Feel free to look for more legal terms online if this topic interests you.

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