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A USD 500 Million Eurobond with Maturation Date of April 2022 Is Successfully Placed by PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel

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Norilsk Nickel is one of the world’s leading names when it comes to production of precious metals such as nickel, copper, palladium and platinum. Norilsk Nickelhas also recently made headlinesfor its enthusiastic role and efforts towards protection of the environment. As each day passes, Norilsk Nickel strives to better its performance than yesterday. Let’s take a look at what new investment this stakeholder has made for ensuring effective and sustainable business development.

Placement of a Eurobond worth USD 500 Million

Norilsk Nickel has recently invested a great sum of money to purchase a newer and updated automated process control system. This will be an addition to their Kola MMC Concentrator. The reason for its purchase is stated to be the fact that the old system was outdated to the extent that finding spare parts in the market had become obsolete as well as the discontinuation of its hardware system. These two drawbacks meant that the likelihood of developing emergencies had increased by several folds.

Is the investment really worth all the hype?

Spending on a huge investment should entail a great outcome. So is it worth it is what you may ask. Modernization is at peak with this system. Let’s take a glance at the various stages this control system can incorporate modernization and efficiency into the current concentrator’s process system.

  • The first stage involves upgrading of three flotation components of the concentrator’s control system.
  • The second stage incorporates great improvements of the process of grinding in the control system.
  • The third or final stage is where total integration takes place. This means incorporating several local control systems into one large information system that belongs to the concentrator.

What sort of hardware is being utilized?

How successful a control system is made to function depends a lot upon the hardware it is using. The new updated control system of this Concentrator utilizes the hardware platform belonging to renowned tech brand Siemens, which provide logic controllers that come with a programmable option. Other than that, the software being used for display of information of the workstation is the renowned Wonderware System Platform. The process of modernization does not occur over night. It requires a certain time period for completion and this is estimated to be done by 2018.

What benefits can be obtained by the modernization of the Concentrator’s process control system?

  • Greater flexibility- This will occur with alteration of the company’s process algorithm.
  • Enhanced reliability- Greater reliability can be expected with the completion of the company’s Concentrator’s process of production.
  • Long lasting control system development- The Company can expect to observe a greater duration of development, estimated to be about 10 years. This has much to do with increased number of data signals, the support from technical experts dealing and producing hardware and software, and also the new possibility of purchasing spare parts in the market.

With this huge investment, Norilsk Nickel has managed to secure a great position as a frontrunner in striving excellence. Their motivation to compete with their performance from yesterday and bring about change within the company is proof of their effectiveness and efficiency amongst other business counterparts.

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