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Some firms such as the GWC Valves International become so busy with internal problems or sections in the organization that once an employee quits, retires or dies, it becomes so sudden that they haven’t had time to find a new candidate to replace their job position. This is why large companies with excess money hire agency recruiters. There are different types of agency recruiters such as Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), Executive Search Firms and Private Employment Agencies.


There are different ways that these agency recruiters hire people such as cold calls including walk ins and write ins, online networking sites, and print advertising. There are also ways that they recruit non-permanent staff members and these are through temporary help agencies and contract work. When it comes to cold calls, walk ins and people who walk in to an organization to apply without a referral or invitation. The write ins are people who submit an unsolicited resume to organizations. When it comes to online networking sites, many organizations have been turning towards social networking sites such as Facebook in order to find tech-savvy young individuals.

LinkedIn has grown to be very popular for recruiters to reach out to people and to even narrow down their search from location, experience and skills. There are several advantages to using social networking sites to reach out to recruits since it is almost at no cost or a very low cost. Print advertising is still used but definitely not as popular as it used to be. Employers can post want ads that describe the job and its specifications, the compensation package and the employer who is hiring. Blind ads are also used in organizations so employees call a number but this doesn’t really work nowadays because you can simply search up a phone number. Non-permanent staff gets recruited through temporary ad agencies when employees are ill, on vacation or are on leave of absence. Contract workers are employees who are on a contract for a certain amount of months and this can involve a successful well-known project manager who comes in to improve the company.

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