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Fun Dance Group Fundraising Alternatives

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Dancing groups of all ages are burdened with high costs. Their annual calendar includes a lineup of events that entail travel expenses, dance costumes, tournament fees and the organization of a yearly concert showcasing the progress that the students have made through the year.

Selling candy or other trinkets door-to-door takes time and effort and cookie and cake sales are not that appealing anymore.

These fun alternatives will get the dancers and their families involved while they take less effort and yield more money towards your dance fundraising goals.

Spa day fundraiser

Organize a spa day where your dance students can pamper everyone at a fee. You can offer services like a light massage, nail painting, and simple facials. If you have promoted the event ahead of time you will be sure that moms will organize to bring friends or relatives with helping to raise even more money.

Make sure that you have relaxing music playing in the background and offer refreshments.  Try to enlist the voluntary assistance of a beautician from your neighborhood or circle of friends that can offer a professional service. By donating of their time they will also be receiving free publicity for the services they offer.

Fashion show fundraiser

Organize a fashion show with the help of one of your local clothing stores. Let them know that you are doing this to raise money for your dance team and ask them to donate a percentage of the profits from sales at the event.

Fashion shows are great money makers because you can charge an entry fee, sell refreshments, hand out discount coupons as a marketing tool for the store while earning a commission for the sales generated.

Silent auctions fundraiser

Silent auctions work very well as fundraisers. You will need to give the auction a theme that your students will like and could be from one of their favorite movies or books. You can auction off movie packages, restaurant meals or ice cream gift cards.

Hold dance lessons as a fundraiser

You can either organize a once off event like a Tango or Salsa Class, or you can sell dance lesson packages. If you and your dance students offer the lessons then you will be gaining all the money for your dance group fundraiser. You can also make a deal with another dance school and you can earn a commission on all the customers who show up.

Parents night out fundraiser

This can be a challenging fundraising event, especially if it entails a sleepover, but can be very profitable if you are willing to undertake it.

Parents can either drop off their children for the amount of time needed for an evening at the movies and dinner afterward, or they can have a whole night’s break from parenting duties. Whichever you decide to offer you will have to provide the kids with a meal, drinks, and entertainment. If they are sleeping over they will need to bring PJs and sleeping bags.

Remember:  RSVP’s are important for this type of event.

Dog washing and accessories sale

This is the type of service everyone loves since they almost never have the time to wash their dogs themselves and always forget to make an appointment with their pet groomer. For a reasonable fee, you and your group can do in house grooming. Make some extra money by buying a few cheap pet accessories which you can sell to them at a profit.

Bring back the Dance-a-Thon

Dance-a-thons were very popular back in the 50s and 60s, and older kids love them. The participants take pledges and charge per hour that they spend on the dance floor.

The secret to getting them to dance longer is to offer the type of music that they like and plenty of refreshments.  Someone will have to act as the official timekeeper so that when the event is over your dancers can collect the money pledged.

Yard sale

One man’s rubbish is another man’s gold. Let your dance group and their families bring all their junk to your yard. Put up signs that there is to be a yard sale and what dance school needs the proceeds for. Let each family run their own section and they can also price their wares. They can pay a pre-set percentage of the profits to the dance school.

 These are all fun projects that will be more than fundraisers offering the families of your dancing troupe the opportunity to meet and become friends.

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