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How to Choose A Warehouse Management System

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Regardless of the type of business you have or manage, no matter the size or the type, you know it is a lot of hard work and long hours.  Success does not come easy, but it can come to those who work hard and, more importantly, those who work smart. And one way to work smart is to use all of the appropriate tools that are available.

Fortunately, we have lots of technology, today, that provide tools that have made business management easier than ever.  This is particularly true if you run a warehouse.


The first thing you need to think about when looking at technology to help you run your business better, is what functions you need it to serve.  You might say that your first objective is to define the purpose of the technology you are looking for. This, of course, will make it easier to pick from all of the many tools available to you which might appear similar at first glance. Indeed, you need to find which specific tools fit your particular needs.

The good news, though, is that you can always start with one type of Meade Willis software or system and make changes as you go.  There are lots of options for ala carte programs as well as full software suites.


If you are building your business properly, you know you can expect it will get bigger and bigger.  How you grow, of course, is up to you: you can take big risks with major payoffs or execute a careful, incremental plan.  Either way, you want to look for technology that can also grow along with you or allows you to add and remove pieces as your needs change and require.


When it comes to automated warehouse management, it is also quite imperative to think about what your customers need.  The technology you use, in fact, should help you to effectively and efficiently address those needs. Of course, this will be an easier facet to manage at first—when your company is small—so your goal is to find technology that continues to help you address your customer needs effectively.


Every choice you make when it comes to your business is, basically, an investment.  As such, you always need to look at the CTB ratio, including your warehouse management systems options.  With a la carte and fully customizable suites, you have lots of ways to stretch your dollars.

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