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How to stop Stirling Park sheriff action

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Scottish Trust Deed can help you stop Stirling Park sheriff action for council tax arrears, business rates, benefit overpayments and any other debt that you may have.

If you have been visited by a Stirling Park sheriff officer, Scottish Trust Deed provides free advice and mediation services and can help you stop sheriff action, including a wage arrestment or bank account arrestment. We offer advice on council tax arrears, business rates, benefit overpayments, and any other type of debt you may have.

Our expert advisors can mediate and negotiate an affordable and sustainable repayment plan for you, allowing you to keep your possessions and avoid any further diligence.


If you or anyone else liable for paying council tax miss a payment date, you will be sent a reminder by your local council requesting you to pay the outstanding bill. You will be given seven days to contact the council and make a payment arrangement when you receive this first reminder notice. You should be able to pay by instalments that are affordable. However, if you’re unable to reach a suitable agreement, you will be sent a second reminder letter. You now have 14 days to pay the amount owed in full.

If you have been sent two reminder letters from the local authority and have still yet to make a payment arrangement, the council are within their right to apply for a summary warrant through the Sheriff Court requesting you pay any outstanding debt. Once this summary warrant has been granted, they will send your contact details, including the amount you owe to Stirling Park. Stirling Park sheriff officers will send you the summary warrant which will state how much you owe including details on how to set up a repayment plan. Expect a 10% penalty charge to be added on top of the amount owed as part of their fees.

How Can I Stop Action From Stirling Park Sheriff Officers?

One of the first things that you will need to do is to contact Stirling Park to discuss the debt with them. Its strongly advised that you do this in writing.

You can apply for a time to pay order if you apply directly to the court. This allows you extra time to pay off the money you owe in smaller monthly payments.

You can also apply for a debt arrangement schemeApplying for a Debt Arrangement Scheme is another way you can stop Stirling Park from using diligence.

This debt payment programme helps you to agree on regular payments to cover what you owe, and if you stick with the agreement and pay off your debt, Stirling Park Debt Collectors will no longer be able to use an earnings arrestment of bank arrestment or remove any of your property to obtain the unpaid amount.



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