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Knowing the Risks of Using Overhead Cranes- An Essential Part of Manufacturing Units

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Keeping a broad overview of the manufacturing and production units in the industry, it cannot be denied at all that most of these units are broadly dependent on the overhead cranes for transporting the materials and heavy equipment from one place to another. They have proved to be the most reliable and convenient modes of transportation in the heavy-duty industrial world by far, and hence manufacturing companies have always preferred the operational perfection of these overhead cranes.

However, the risk factors and injuries involved in handling and operating these overhead cranes cannot be denied and it can prove to be fatal as well. Preventing these hazards is only possible when the entire unit is maintained at the best of its condition and all the workers are trained duly to follow the safety measures accordingly. The scopes of hazardous situations can vary to a wide extent, and mostly the tower and mobile cranes have been victim to such incidents. The industrial fraternity has not stayed calm to it, and they have hunted down all the areas which might lead to just fatal incidents in the areas of service.

Electrical Hazards- the Most Common of All Nuances

Going by the reports that have been provided by the OSHA, it has been seen that more than half the cases of accidents that get recorded every year are due to these cranes coming in contact with either of the power source during the operation. The mobility of the overhead cranes which have proved to be the most advantageous part of these units turns out to be a disadvantage, and hence one must be more cautious while the cranes carry heavy loads through the areas which have got high voltage power lines above it. While most of the people think that it is just the man on the crane who is under the threat of being electrocuted, the fact is it extends to all the personnel who are working in the vicinity.

Loading and Overloading- The Daily Scenario of Mishaps

Apart from the electrical mishaps, breaking down of these overhead cranes have even been noted down by the analysts. It not only adds on to the expenses for the company to repair it but also incurs a huge amount of loss in the entire process of manufacturing. And experts, who have visited the manufacturing grounds, and audited the reports duly have found that more than 80 percent of infrastructural faults and breakdowns are recorded due to overloading the operational capacity. Hoisting a load beyond the capacity will automatically stress out the structural formation and will eventually lead towards failure.

This is mainly because the lack of knowledge in the workers who have the tendency of saving time by transporting more amount of material than necessary. Sufficient training and following strict guidelines are the only way this can be solved. Science and technology can only gift human beings with wonderful innovations that will ease their regular process, but how the usability can be made better rests in the hands of mankind.

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