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Personal Loans for the Unemployed – Growing Needs

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Unemployment rates are rapidly increasing all over the world. In the event that you have lost your job and don’t have enough money to bare daily expenses, you may be faced with taking unemployed loans.

  • The Need for Cash Can Be Severe: If you have just lost your job and you are facing cash flow problems, it seems that then is when an emergency pops up. An urgent car breaks down or the medical need arises. At that point of time you may need to consider taking a personal loan for the unemployed. These personal loans typically come in two flavors (1) secured and (2) unsecured. Secured loans have insurance or valuable property owned by the borrower, to back them up while an unsecured personal loan requires no insurance.

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  • Understanding the Trade-Offs: Since unemployed loans have no insurance, the moneylender has to offset the risk by taking higher fees and higher interest rates. Also, the amount of the loans offered may be limited and the repayment terms may include quick pay-off periods.
  • Help for the Unemployed: Traditional lenders, such as credit unions and banks, rarely grant personal loans for the unemployed. As a result, many private lenders have stepped in to provide the service. A nice thing to remember is that these lenders have dealt with problems regarding poor credit ratings, unemployment, and similar issues that may seem embarrassing.
  • Buy Carefully: Since there are so many lenders available in the market with rates that vary so widely, you will have a great opportunity to shop diligently to find the lowest fees, lowest interest rates and most importantly comfortable repayment terms. Just make sure that your lender is professional and reputable. Check your lender by using the online Better Business Bureau listings.

There is another innovation where they are providing Peer-to-peer lending in Thailand which can let the small businesses and medium-size business start their business without any intermediates.

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