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Social Media Tactics Online Jewellery Store Needs To Implement

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If you are in jewellery business then take full advantage of the social media platforms to increase engagement, gain new audiences and finally increase sales.

Strategic social media tactics


Define your brand

Many businesses make errors and in trying to encompass everything they ignore their niche. Therefore, you will need to –

  • Define their brands in just 3 words
  • List 5 companies with strong media presence that resemble your brand’s core, you desire to imitate
  • Which posts failed on social media?
  • What kind of posts worked best last year?
  • What kind of experience, you desire your social media visitors to have?

Answering the above queries, you will get better idea about your brand, so ensure all your postings on social media stay accurate to your brand.

Refresh web pages

Every month refresh your cover pages on social media. Cover pages help to describe your brands aesthetic and display latest inventory and designs.

Share consumer photos

Sharing of consumers photos wearing your jewellery enhances page interaction. The potential consumer gets a perspective of your products.

Post real photos

Take photos on real person wearing the black pearls necklace or diamond bracelet. Real-life photographs are inspirational and consumers get an idea how the jewellery will look on them.

Add social media links

Make sure to add social media links on business cards, magazine ads, and email signatures. Your social media links need to be put on every marketing material.

Create videos

Videos are extremely powerful. You can hire some celebrities but ensure to create informative and interesting clips instead of pushy. Add titles and descriptions to your videos for easy finding.

Facebook ad

You can easily achieve thousands of followers with Facebook advertising. However, you will need to select your target well like niche or local publications. Facebook is the top social media platform in respect to referrals. It is a best option for expanding your reach.

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