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The Best Software for Meta Trader Brokers

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Meta trading, forex brokering and liquidity providers operate in a certain way and the very best software needs to be used to keep the aim of making more money, cutting costs and reducing risk at the top of the list of priorities brokers need to achieve.

Making more money is the key objective of why we trade and a leading software tool called Gold-I enhances the benefits which we help brokers expand their trading operation. Gold-I software can help you in many ways, such as helping brokers change your offerings by expanding Meta Trader 4 platforms to other assets beyond Forex.

Offering your own liquidity out to clients is another great way to make more money and expand your revenue streams. As with all Meta trading, there will always be scalpers and clients you really don’t need trading with you. The Gold-I software will help you identify and get rid of these nuisance clients.

The software also helps brokers to look closely at trade patters so you can make more profit. Scalper Watch is an excellent product in the Gold-I package and is now available to use as a separate entity so you can get shot of those clients and scalpers who only exist to impact on your profit.

What Gold-I actually does is to work on enhancing the experience you have with Meta Trader where one can expand trading operations and profit using a series of plug-ins and products. Cutting out unnecessary cost is key to a broker hoping to make more product. The Gold-I software products help to reduce downtime (which we all know can be very costly), quickly repair any technological issues as soon as they arise and keep the Meta Trader platform running right around the clock without having to use some resource that slows down during the quieter hours.

Downtime Costs Money and Impacts on Profit

If you invest in the Gold-I Meta-Trader server management, there will be substantially less downtime. And reducing risk has to be high on the list of any broker’s priorities. Gold-I products that help in risk management are the MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway.

Reduce Risk and Observing Risk Management

Another excellent product is the Gold-I Visual Edge that allows brokers to see clearly all risk factors as it actually happens. This software allows brokers to easily identify which clients should be “A-Booked” or “B-Booked”.

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