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The customs agent: steps to follow if they retain merchandise

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The customs agent is a fundamental piece for the successful shipment of a container, both for the knowledge of the legislation of the country of destination and for the experience in the procedures to be carried out. Unfortunately, in some cases of import and export of goods there are those who have problems because they do not know the legislation well from the beginning and have poor advice.

This article explains the steps that must be followed in case of retention of merchandise to avoid its deterioration and associated losses.

#1: Retention of merchandise

The retention of goods is usually the result of an inspection at the port of destination. Any person experienced in customs management knows that this possibility exists and if he is responsible, he will order things so there are no problems. In case there is no problem, the customs communication will be green code.

The inspections can be of documents, when the so-called orange code is activated, or of the load, the so-called red code. In both cases, the port agents may retain the merchandise if there are irregularities. The system is usually random and, for this reason, a freight forwarder usually has this issue ordered. If, for any reason, this incidence occurs, you must follow a few steps to unblock the situation.

#2: Complete the documentation

Sometimes, the problem is based on the lack of documentation and, consequently, the customs authorities cannot agree to the operation. In this case, the exporter will have to provide the customs with the pending documentation within a maximum period of time corresponding to the period of allegations, which are 15 days.

#3: Lift the merchandise

This is the assumption to avoid, but it occurs if the merchandise is defective, does not comply with the provisions of the DUA or it is a product not authorized by the receiving country, which is not so strange. If this is the case, the exporter is responsible for the withdrawal costs of the merchandise and should be responsible for the removal, although it is normal that he has contracted insurance.

#4: Judicial claim

In the event that there is a disagreement between the exporter and the customs authorities, the administrative remedy remains and, if this has no effect, the judicial claim. However, this scenario is very problematic because, depending on the merchandise, it can be spoiled for the duration of the process.

In conclusion, an experienced Customs agent like ClearitUSA can carry out these procedures and avoid the damage caused by retention of merchandise at the port or airport.

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