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Use the Past Knowledge to Plan on Your Future Success

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From the wheel over to the train and from the car over to the moon. From movement and convenience to absolute dependability!

Applies to finances

What applies to finances also is comparable to what applies to a helmet: Nothing will work without maximum as well as permanent protection of your funds. It is only those who calculate for risks on an ongoing basis by all available means and continually minimize the risks with information of the best goods and dependability will currently be able to increase funds and generate assets on a manageable basis. With this kind of performance-oriented credo, builton a rational bridge between you and those handling your money. It is the bridge that is unique between the institutional investment world and you as a private investor.

Future figures past

Tom Luthi’s financial future also figures on his past. This is his attitude in sport and is also the basis of his credo in life. He builds his own bridge from his sporting victories to his personal, financially supportable foundation. For this, he has selected International Capital Management AG as a permanent partner.

Emphasis on knowledge

Without viewpoint, we, emphasis on structured product investment with knowledge from over 20 years, since it may guarantee your financial progress. After all, finances are just like the know-how: it is the lasting experience that finally promises knowledge and makes the proper use of money!

Individual planning

tailored asset management gives the customers maximum flexibility, and is the credo and the best investment approach for each portfolio. Due to the changes in the financial world, it is no longer enough to just invest in a rigid financial perception. The ability to respond almost instantly to unpredictable market events are today’s best alternative investment solution and the guiding principle of our active management of asset in unpredictable market events. Is currently the guiding principle of our active asset management strategy?

This means that we will always act in the interests of customers in both difficult and good trading hours. Today, all our medium to long-term investment opportunities are subject to this proven principle. ICM does not follow short-term market trends, but works on the contrary value-oriented and sustainable. This is why a portfolio of the wealth manager in Liechtenstein is geared to the client’s investment needs and objectives. These are the more decisive for our investment recommendations than market activity that is short term.

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