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What Car Is Best For Your Business?

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When it comes to a business car leasing, choosing what car you should lease is a little bit of a minefield. Leasing a car through a business is often cheaper than personal leasing deals, meaning essentially you could afford a nicer car, but you need to consider what car will be best for your business.

Things you need to consider are the distance you will be driving, how fuel-efficient is the car? Will it cost you more to run than it is to actually lease. What do you need to put in the car for work? Do you have equipment to travel with? Will you need a large vehicle to carry this?

We have devised a list of some of our top company cars from five different groups based on cost.

Up to 15,000

Ford Fiesta 1.0T Zetec 3dr

Engine/power: 1.0-litre 3cyl/99bhp

Price: £14,395

CO2/official economy: 99g/km/65.7mpg

0-62mph/top speed: 11.2 secs/112mph

  • With 99bhp, the 1.0 EcoBoost three-cylinder petrol engine still thrills on back roads, whilst lower-rate earners still pay only £38 a month in tax. You could even add some colour on a budget with a Blue or White special edition.

15,000 to 20,000

Audi A3 sportback 1.0 TFSI SE

Engine/power: 1.0-litre 3cyl/113bhp

Price: £19,895

CO2/official economy: 104g/km/62.8mpg

0-62mph/top speed: 9.9 secs/128mph

  • Keeping within the £20k budget, a 1.0 TFSI turbo petrol is available if you choose the more versatile five-door Sportback. But, this 113bhp three-cylinder engine punches well above its weight, with a great mid-range response and a slick six-speed box.

20,000 to 25,000

Ford Focus ST-2 2.0 TDCi

Engine/power: 2.0-litre 4cyl/182bhp

Price: £24,495

CO2/official economy: 110g/km/67.3mpg

0-62mph/top speed: 8.1 secs/135mph

  • Power for the ST TDCi comes from the 182bhp version of Ford’s 2.0-litre diesel, which sees a healthy dose of mid-range torque, yet still manages to keep CO2 emissions down to 110g/km, so lower-rate earners have less than £100 a month to pay in tax.

25,000 to 35,000

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Engine/power: 2.0-litre 4cyl and plug-in hybrid/200bhp

Price: £34,304

CO2/official economy: 42g/km/156.9mpg

0-62mph/top speed: 11.0 secs/106mph

  • The official figures certainly make it an attractive fleet choice for companies. Emissions of 42g/km are among the lowest you can get without having to resort to a full electric drive, and the Outlander PHEV falls into the seven per cent road tax bracket. That means monthly BIK bills of £80 for higher-rate taxpayers

Over 35,000

Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

Engine/power: 3.0-litre V6, electric motor/410bhp

Price: £82,494

CO2/official economy: 71g/km/91.1mpg

0-62mph/top speed: 5.5 secs/167mph

  • Although a new Panamera is soon to be released,until then the current car soldiers on. The saloon uses the same tech as the Cayenne E-Hybrid, combining a supercharged 328bhp petrol V6 with a 94bhp electric motor. That means that the car is capable of 167mph, yet promises a supermini-beating 91mpg.

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