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Exness forex broker is one of the best forex brokers that offer various kinds of the accounts and with each account trader can see and decide which one is the most suitable for their trading plan or targets. To make it clear for you, here are some explained details about the differences between account sorts

Features of Cent Account

Different traders will use Cent account for their aim when they want to open Cent account. Commonly, Cent account fit best for three kinds of purposes of traders.

– Traders are new and fresh for trading forex. They have less knowledge about trading and want to gain experience with a cheap solution. Cent Account is best for this strategy because, starters can withdraw the real money and interact with real trading condition and will be in a safe place with small deposit and the lost amount is insignificant.

– Other traders who want to open Cent account is the ones who want to figure out about trading condition of Exness because they have never opened one. They want to try out and see if the spread is low and if the speed of execution is fast. With Cent account, this is the best way to examine because the minimum deposit is low with only 10$ for 1000 USC for trading and moreover, the spread is perfect for testing aim with the minimum at 0.3

– One more kind of traders who are interested in Cent account that is the traders use the Scalp robot to trade. Scalp robot is designed for multi order trading with the small volume. That means Scalp will execute the orders when it meets the reasonable prices and they are likely to put the small volume accounts first. So traders trading with Robot usually like to trade with Cent account because they are carried with the trading value of 0.1 lot Cent equal 0.0001 lot USD which the smallest one.

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Mini account’s features

Professional traders would like to trade with Mini account a lot because they require no minimum deposit amount and the leverage is high too. Moreover, they can save a lot of spread with only 0.3 pip and the value of trading volume is just 0.01 lot.

What accounts expert traders should choose from Exness forex brokers.

Exness forex broker has developed their system everyday. They understand the needs of traders from time to time. For experts, they design two kinds of Exness accounts which are Classic account and ECN account. It is commonly known that ECN account is best for pros but the trading condition is complicated and requires more skills to handle the unstable prices which fluctuate a lot and can drop significantly beyond what traders can handle. With that reason in mind, Exness forex brokers would like to open a new account to recover these deficiencies of ECN account.

Classic account recovers ECNs problems with more stable trading condition. They are made for the big transaction. And minimum deposit is 2000$ for the first opening, for next time, it is all on your decision, which means you can make a deposit at whatever amount you want. But the Exness leverage is high and the spread is very tiny with only 0.1 for EURUSD. Moreover, with Classic account, there is no commission fee charged. With high Exness leverage and low spread Classic account is best for big investment and they are also the low fee accounts that save a significant amount for traders.

After comparing the accounts of ECN I strongly believe that I am into the Classic account, because they are good with low spread and high leverage, the prices are stable with the fast decrease and although the minimum deposit is high but it is just for the first time. In conclusion, Classic account is the best saving way for the huge trading traders.

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