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What is Binomo and is it safe to use?

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Binomo is basically an options broker who has an online trading platform and has been in operations since the year 2014. This broker happens to be a subsidiary of Tiburon Corporation Limited and has its headquarters in Seychelles. Theta currently have two chief addresses. You reach them via phone, skype and email. This broker is currently regulated only by the IFMRRD (Internation Financial Markets Relations Regulations Center. The organization defines itself to be a body that is non-commercial and has been created for regulation of services which are offered by the dealers, brokers and other investment and financial institutions.

Is Binomo scam? One of the most important attributes we look for when we are into deciding if a broker is legitimate or not is if all their operations are fully being regulated by an authority of reputation. As we just mentioned, Binomo is actually being regulated by IFMMRC. We usually put more preference on the brokers who happen to hold certifications from reputed authorities like ASIC, FCA and CySEC. After we finished combing through the website of Binomo, we found that they have already applied for and have pending regulations from CPO And CySEC. Now although, this is a very good indicator on how seriously the broker is getting in at find and engage traders from all various parts of the world, we would like to recommend that the traders wait a bit, until these guys get fully covered by the regulation provided by CySEC. So, again Is Binomo scam? We think not. They are a legitimate trading platform.

The platform of Binomo is very unique and does offer severs features that traders will find very useful and friendly. One of the key features that really seems to be the most useful one is the hotkey option. Once it is enabled, you can go about quickly issuing your commands like increasing/decreasing the amounts of investment and executing trades without using the computer mouse at all. The platform also gives you access to may charts and tools for technical analysis. This makes it easier for you to easily be able to customize the interface for your trading so as to better suit your preferences for trading.

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All traders would like to have full control when it comes to their investment. Seemingly, Binomo has something written in their diction of terms and conditions which looks like limiting this kind of control. As per this clause, you will have to have 10% to be deducted from you accumulated funds in the event of you deciding to withdraw before the trade turnover has reached at least two time the amount that was deposited. For instance, let us say you deposit $50 and then decide to withdraw all the amount before you make trades which are worth $100 or mote, then Binomo will be deducting 10% ($5) out of your funds.

This particular online broker happens to offer you with a demo account which is credited with $1000. This can be a good place for getting started so that you can get to get a feel of the platform and its offerings. All you will need to get started in opening a demo account will be a valid email address. In additional to this, it is very easy for you replenish the funds in the demo account is required. The platform does come with a very well-designed interface for traders. It is not cluttered with way too my features which is a wonderful think for a beginning trade. Along with the access you can have to the trading platform from your computer’s browser, you are also easily able to access the platform of Binomo via your iOS and Android apps on your mobile phone

The platform is also a platter full of tools for technical analysis which will help you in keeping track of the trends happening during real time. Binomo also provides the hot keys tool that is really unique across all the other option brokers that operate online and that we have had a chance to try out. That the hot keys tool foes is that it activates the keyboard short cuts which really are common commands that you would need to issue when you are trading. Given this way of operating, you do not have go away clicking with your mouse when you can save a ton of time by just issuing commands. We would even go on to recommend that you firat get down to memorizing all the different hot keys using the demo account you have set up before you try them out on a live account.

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 However, if you are just start starting out as a new trader, Binomo does provide you with a huge collection of training materials and tutorials to get you on the track quickly. These include a very detailed knowledge base, tutorials in video form and a section for strategies. Their FAQs section is however not as detailed as you would expect of any options broker who operates online. The minimum amount of money that you can invest in any given trade is one dollar. The platform itself has been prepared to accept the payments using various methods which include QIWI, Neteller, WebMoney and debit/credit cards. Withdrawals can also be made to any of the mentioned payment mechanisms. The broken does not charge you any fees for withdrawals unless you wish to take the funds out before having traded at least two times your last deposit amount. Binomo also regularly keeps offering various tournaments which does make it really easy for you to make more money even outside of your regular traded.

 The Binomo platform has been very well designed. Their trading platform’s’ interface is not all cluttered with way too many features, which usually has a negative effect on usability. The feature of hot keys also makes it very easy for you to issue various commands jut by using the keyboard We are sure you are bound to fall with easy to use and versatile online trading platform.

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